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Calendar ceremonial songs.
Some songs we wrote down from the Byelorussian peasants in Latgalia, Vitebsk, Sebezh and also Russian orthodox inhabitants Pskov-Latvian boards. Some songs were written by others, but we sing them now. It's a fine means for exile of demons. Once our girls have expelled them from crowd of the teenagers who have come on a disco. Teenagers have gone through changing on eyes of amazed teachers.
Wedding songs, ceremonial choreography, rituals of wedding.
One wedding we have played - it's the beginning. Besides we have shot a film.

Without boasting the film is outstanding. The materials we took from Russian orthodox inhabitants Pskov-Latvian boards.
Playing and dancing in a ring.
"The most difficult problems of nuclear physics - is children game in
comparison with children game" A.Einshtain.
Stars in the sky too dance.
The materials are different, also from old-believers of Latgalia
Lyric poetry.
At the table we aren't bored. Old-believers of Latgalia, migration and old resident inhabitants of Siberia, Ural, Altai.
Military, recruiting lyric.
Latgalia and the South of Russia.
Sacred verses, ballads.
Old-believers of Latgalia.
Mythology. (Modern also).

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