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What does it mean «authentic»

In English

For modern post soviet man folk "tradition" is the Soviet cultural and
educational institutions. He is impregnated with it to the core. He got
accustomed to it. He cannot realize himself into it and it into himself.
Unconsciousness is the basic character of tradition. He'll never realize it, because the Soviet cultural and educational institutions are the international phenomena, inherent in West industrial civilization. In the new clothes, under the thick layer of euro plaster we "gladly smiling" can know the form of old one.

We don't respect ourselves, because these institutions are false, and it hasn't creation energy. From the other side I'm very proud of belonging to my nation who has thought the word "cranberry". If we understand everything, may be, future is ahead of us.
The word "authentic" is possibility to distinguish the real tradition from its imitation. It is gigantic work, but it's our life.

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