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The name and the main principle of work

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Ilynsky Friday The name has symbolical character. Ilynsky Friday is the Friday before the day Saint Ilea, whose image, as is generally known, has got the features of ancient Slavic God-The Thundered. In Ilynsky Friday you are prohibited to work with hay, and Russian peasants of Latgalia often tell us the story about the men who ignored of the prohibition: "… all hay took to the shed. The day was nice, only to the evening there was a cloud; then the lighting struck and everything was burnt down".

The man lost the faith in "reason of tradition", ignored it and unexpectedly, inconceivably, in defiance of all-powerful intellect, had got punishments. The culture of people is a complicated thing, whose architecture is not trivial, whose laws are not obvious. As the man's goul it has got irrational character, and in the answer of neglects takes place where you wait for it least of all. Who can count the hay burnt with foolishness and haughtiness?

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