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Folklore expeditions

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Since 1988 we had organized 31 folklore expedition where we investigated 40civil parishes. We have recorded a lot of songs (about 1900) of different genre with detailed description contexts of songs, ethnography information, mythology tales fairy-tales, information about rituals, folk clothes and so on. We have made photos, draws, video-tapes. The investigation led between three sub ethno groups: the population in West district of Latvia: Russian and orthodox inhabitants Pskov-Latvian boards (Balvi, Aluksne, Ludza districts), Russian old-believers (Aluksne, Daugavpils, Kraslava, Resekne, Preily districts), Byelorussian (Kraslava, Ludza, Daugavpils districts).

According the investigated expedition CFP "Tradition" we have made 2 expedition to record professional CD and video cassette (In December 1993 Latvian radio with LR Musical Academy.

Director Martinsh Boiko, Gita Lancere. In March 1998 in the Center of Folk Art the Melngailis works. Director of expedition M.Boiko).

The materials of expedition were systematized and were kept in archives of CFP "Tradition". Now we decipher the tapes and prepare to publication.
Nowadays CFP "Tradition" is the unique organization in Latvia, which leads systematic folk investigations Russian and Byelorussian.

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